Boating Safety Is For Life

Friday, August 12, 2016

Boating Safety News

The Lake George Park Commission operating budget supports 12 seasonal marine patrol officers, and boating and public-safety programs comprise .

Among the offences were safety gear deficiencies, no fishing licence, no lifejackets and failure to produce the vessel registration. In some cases, boats .

Lessons learned from a carbon monoxide boating tragedy on the Norfolk ... It is essential to fit alarms following the manufacturer's guidance, to test

The U.S. Coast Guard in Michigan City says they're always looking out for your safety. “We've got a boat crew of about 4 people so we've always got .

On August 13 law enforcement agencies in Northern Coconino County will be conducting an Operating Under the Influence (OUI) and boating safety ...
In March 2015, the boat Richard Ohrn had rented was found off the coast of Boca Raton with patches of blood and a pair of broken eyeglasses.
Experts explain how to stay safe while boating on Lake Hartwell. UPDATED 3:18 PM EDT Aug 10, 2016. Next Video: Meth lab found under Walmart ...
  ST. GEORGE — In an effort to reduce the number of people killed or injured in alcohol- or drug-related boat collisions, law enforcement agencies will ..
... laws on licences for boats and operators and stipulates all necessary safety equipment ... During the patrols, some fishing boats were also checked.

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