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Monday, May 23, 2016

Boating Safety News


Officials say seven people were in the boat, which is over the manufacturer's limit of six people or 800 pounds. The boat was sitting too low in the water ...
May long weekend is the unofficial kickoff to boating season in the ... “Flares are valid four years from the manufacturer's date, which is stamped on the ..
The archival office at the University of Montana is joining with the Coast Guard to promote Life Jacket Awareness Day.
GAINESVILLE, Fla.--With national safe boating week approaching, one of the Alachua County Sheriff's office special teams is planning to make sure ...
  'Grin and Wear It' for boating safety. by Transport NSW on 19 May. New generation lifejackets are slim fitting, comfortable to wear and well suited to 

However, in New Jersey, "all power vessel operators, regardless of age, must hold a boating safety certificate from a state-approved program.
In a marine safety information bulletin issued May 16, the Coast Guard ... “It's in our radio discussion with almost every boat that comes into the harbor.
A frequent boater herself, Murphy says it's easy to forget safety items before you leave the dock. “When you get ready to boat for the day you're so ...
The goal is to encourage boaters to wear life jackets, stay sober and know the rules and regulations while out on the water. “Safety is critical. You don't ...
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — It's National Safe Boating Week, no coincidence when you consider it's that time of year people are heading out onto 

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