Boating Safety Is For Life

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Boating Safety News

Popular boating safety campaign hits communities
Coastguard is excited to announce the re-launch of the 'Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade', a popular and highly successful boating safety initiative.
Tragic disappearance highlights need to wear lifejackets
The Safer Boating Forum was established in 2000 to coordinate and implement recreational boating safety initiatives. It is made up of government ...
  Mice can cause major damage if they get at a boat's wiring
Secondly, the plastic tarp on our boat stayed on last week despite 60 ... And thirdly, the formerly annual boat show at the River Center in downtown ...
  Over 1000 children to learn safe open water swimming
National Swim Safety Week, which begins on Monday, aims to raise ... “We'll put the blow up boats in so they'll simulate falling out of the boat and ...
  Small craft operators urged to practice safety at sea
Small craft operators urged to practice safety at sea ... dinghies are being reminded of the importance of proper boating and marine safety practices.

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