Boating Safety Is For Life

Monday, November 2, 2015

Boating Safety News

  Proof That Flotation Works.
 Divers Rescued

 Safety tips when duck hunting by boat
It is critically important that they have all of the safety equipment that a boating outing requires. In addition having safety gear, it is critical to consider ...
  Private boat drivers to be licensed
“My concern is operational safety. If you are buying a boat that size you should go to the Port Authority and do a simple course, on who has right of ..
  Installing a boat heater
Graham Snook finds out how the professionals go about installing a boat heater ... Winter is an ideal time to have a boat heater installed. ... reason to get a professional, approved by your heater's manufacturer, to install it for you.
  Marine safety plans should be mandatory: investigator
The recent capsizing of whale-watching boat in Tofino highlights the need for the federal government to require safety-management systems for all ...

Battle Creek Enquirer
Rob Dingman: Ethanol blends ravage boat, bike engines
To prevent ethanol problems over the winter, boats with built-in gas tanks ... And using E15 inmany vehicles on the road today will void manufacturer ...

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