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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Boating Safety News

  Feds add charges to man who allegedly shot at Coast Guard crew

A Key Largo liveaboard accused of firing gunshots at a U.S. Coast Guard crew now faces state and federal charges that could lead to 20 years in ...
  Phony distress call to Coast Guard leads to 1-year prison sentence
PORTLAND (AP) — A Maine man whose phony mayday call led to a seven-hour search by the U.S. Coast Guard was sentenced Thursday to a year in ...

Safety precautions for taking your pet on board a boat
It is summer and hot, which makes it perfect weather for boating. What safety precautions should you do if you take your pet on board a boat?
  Safety Tips for Stand-up Paddlers When Boats Are Around
When is a paddleboard a boat? According to the US Coast Guard an SUP is considered a “vessel,” so it's important to understand certain boating ...
USCG Plans to Up Passenger Boat Enforcement
... public to check safety requirements before paying for any boating services. ... Whenever a passenger pays to be on board a boat someone else is ..
  Labor Day is not the end of boating season: Boat Safe, Boat Smart, wear a life jacket
Much like a helmet is to a biker or skate boarder, life jackets are an essential part of your boating safety equipment and should be worn at all times ...

Inattention is the leading cause of boat accidents
That allows for even the more experienced boaters to get a refresher course on the latest boating laws and safety standards while their children can ...
  PUBLIC SAFETY NOTEBOOK Wear lifejackets, check forecast, plan ahead to stay safe on the water
I was recently invited to take a boat ride with members of the Newport News Fire Department's Marine Incident Response Team. I took them up on the ...

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