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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Boating Safety News

Bonner County Sheriff's Officer offers Boat Idaho Course June 20
Water enthusiasts can learn about basic boating laws and safety through a free Boat Idaho Course offered by the Bonner County Sheriff's Office.
  State police encourage boating safety
1, 1974, must have a boating safety certification before operating any motor boat on Vermont's waters, he said. With certificate in hand, Vermonters are ...
Why the US Coast Guard has a new boating safety app
The father of a murdered US Coast Guard auxiliarist is honoring his son by funding the Coast Guard's first-ever public boater safety and emergency ...
  MarineMax Offers Boating Safety Classes Every first Saturday of the month, MarineMax in Panama City offers boating safety classes. For a fee students are taught the ins and outs of staying 

Malloy signs “Emily's Law” safe-boat/towing legislation
It prohibits children under-16 from piloting watercraft towing skiers or tubers and requires a related safety course. Here's a summary of the legislation:.

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