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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boating Safety News

Think boat safety before the storm hits
IF YOU MUST DOCK YOUR BOAT, berth at a dock with sturdy pilings in a location offering reasonable shelter from open water and storm surges.
Get Your Bearings on Boating Safety This summer, parents have been sailing up to me with questions about how to make sure their children are safe when out on boats. Let me try to ..
Harborfest Hosts 2nd Annual Boating Safety Course
The "About Boating Safely" class returns to Harborfest for its second year. Sponsored by the Brookfield Renewable Energy Group , the one-day classis ...
Legislation, common sense enhance safety on the water
Three new boating laws are aimed at reducing injuries and fatalities on Illinois waterways. We encourage boaters to renew their efforts to be safe on .
Staying wise on the water
Waterwise team members Kim McKinnon and Kim Willox were promoting water and boating safety over the weekend at the Whistler Children's ...
Free Boating Safety Class from Metro PD
SAVANNAH, Ga. – Georgia's new boater law means anyone born before or after Jan. 1, 1998 must take a boater safety course before driving a boat.
  Following boating rules can prevent accidents, save lives
"When we add all the visitors that come to Wisconsin, there's a lot of boat ... Water safety experts think most people in boats don't wear life jackets.

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