Boating Safety Is For Life

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Boating Safety News

Norcold is recalling boat and RV refrigerators that can catch fire.  see
They are being sued ( a class action)  by two law firms
  Zimmerman and Reed
Seeger Weiss

If you have one of the refrigerators you should contact Norcold.  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Boating Safety News

Coast Guard Auxiliary helps keep lake life safe
Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 12-1 vessel examiner Ron Cunningham, right, goes over checkpoints with Sue Carty near Wyboo recently.
  Coast Guard boating safety course Aug. 9 in Foley
Perdido Bay Power Squadron will present a Boating Safety Course on Saturday, August 9 from 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at Coleman Factory Outlet in Foley.
Boating is Better When You Know What You're Doing Boating Law – Boat registration; boating regulation; hull identification number; required boat safety equipment; operating safely and reporting ..
Two-night boating safety certification course offered in Hammond Aug. 11 and 12
A boating safety course is also required for young adults ages 10 to 18 to operate a boat alone. This year, effective May 1, it is required that anyone, ...
Boat inspections cap Auxiliary's anniversary
The inspections serve not only to educate the boat owners about what they need for the safe operation of their vessels, but it could also help them ...
Tips for Safe Boating With Your Pet
With boating season in high gear, it's a good time for a little refresher on pet friendly boating to ensure your little one is safe. Before hitting the high ...
  Don't drink and drive – or boat
To raise awareness and reduce alcohol related deaths, the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) is launching year two of an initiative called ...
  Voluntary Standards Cover the Spectrum: From Recreational Boating to Water Conservation Water sports and recreational boating are staples of summertime fun. According to the United States Coast Guard Boating Safety Division, there are ..
  Making good decisions on the water Boaters can learn more by taking a safety course. The Alaska Department of Natural Resources Office of Boating Safety offers the Alaska Water Wise ..
  Boating course in Orange Beach set for Aug. 9
Upon completion of this eight-hour boat safety course you will receive a boating safety education certificate that satisfies the Alabama requirements for ...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Boating Safety News

Boating can be dangerous without safety
Furthermore, the Coast Guard has implemented a National Recreational Boating Safety program. The mission of the program is “to ensure the public ...
Roc Well Report: Boating Safety Roc Well Report: Boating Safety. Ali Touhey. 07/17/2014 03:58 PM. 07/17/2014 06:37 PM. Ali Touhey reports on whether a life jacket is enough to .
  Coast Guard to hold vessel safety checks Free vessel examinations will be available to the boating public. We will be on site to answer any questions about boating safety, state and federal 

Tips for safe boating with your pet With boating season in high gear it's a good time for a little refresher on pet friendly boating to ensure your little one is safe. Before hitting the high seas .
Boating Safety Recent events have once again reminded me of the most important issue with regards to boating: safety! Safety must always be on the forefront of all .
  Boat Talk: Safety tips and rules for enjoying water sports on Michigan lakes
For this week's Boat Talk, I turned to an instructor and marine law enforcement officials to share safety tips, laws and common mistakes made on the ...
After a series of fatalities, officials push for boating safety
Maryland law requires all recreational boats to carry one wearable life jacket for each person on board. Any boat 16 feet or longer, except canoes and ...
  Is it Drowning, or Electric Shock Drowning? Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) occurs when faulty dock or boat wiring ... clean and responsible boating and offers range of boating safety courses ..
  House approves temporary extensinon of sport fishing and boating fund
But extension of this support for recreational fishing and boating was ... The U.S. Coast Guard also uses some of the money for boating safety projects.
Fault warning on boat safety beacons
WATER police have urged boat users to ensure their safety equipment is up-to-date and operational after a product recall. The prompt comes after the ...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boating Safety News

Think boat safety before the storm hits
IF YOU MUST DOCK YOUR BOAT, berth at a dock with sturdy pilings in a location offering reasonable shelter from open water and storm surges.
Get Your Bearings on Boating Safety This summer, parents have been sailing up to me with questions about how to make sure their children are safe when out on boats. Let me try to ..
Harborfest Hosts 2nd Annual Boating Safety Course
The "About Boating Safely" class returns to Harborfest for its second year. Sponsored by the Brookfield Renewable Energy Group , the one-day classis ...
Legislation, common sense enhance safety on the water
Three new boating laws are aimed at reducing injuries and fatalities on Illinois waterways. We encourage boaters to renew their efforts to be safe on .
Staying wise on the water
Waterwise team members Kim McKinnon and Kim Willox were promoting water and boating safety over the weekend at the Whistler Children's ...
Free Boating Safety Class from Metro PD
SAVANNAH, Ga. – Georgia's new boater law means anyone born before or after Jan. 1, 1998 must take a boater safety course before driving a boat.
  Following boating rules can prevent accidents, save lives
"When we add all the visitors that come to Wisconsin, there's a lot of boat ... Water safety experts think most people in boats don't wear life jackets.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Boating Safety News

Boating safety concerns prompt lawmakers to take action
As the summer heats up, so does boating season. And in Illinois, lawmakers are taking extra steps to keep boaters and passengers safe. Just last year ..

Coast Guard offers boating safety class
For advanced registration go to The USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 24-3 Training Center is located at 1 Helwig Street, Milford, one .

In the wake of two deaths, 28 accidents, police stress boating, swimming safety
At Deep Creek Lake, on those dates, officers contacted 436 boats, made 320 safety checks, responded to three accidents, issued 32 citations and 119

Class teaches safety on the water
July is the month when most boating accidents occur. The Boating Education class teaches the fundamentals of safe and responsible boating.
  BoatUS fights ethanol increases that could damage boat motors: Outdoors Notes
BoatUS fights ethanol increases that could damage boat motors: Outdoors ... shot the big fish as a safety measure before hauling it aboard his boat.
  Coast Guard Considers Charges for Gaston Co. Couple Accused in Hoax They're putting their lives at risk,” said PA1 Lauren Jorgensen with the U.S. Coast Guard. So far, the USCG estimates its expenses for Robinson's 

ODNR Keeps Ohio's Waters Safer with Sober Boater Effort
Watercraft officers also issued 47 citations and 641 boating safety warnings. There was one boating-related fatality in Ohio during the 2014 Operation ...
  Coast Guard Says Kayak Rescue Shows Why You Need A Plan And Communication Device
Coast Guard Executive Petty Officer Stanley Rittner says this incident points out the need for you to make a plan and carry a communication device, ...
  Boat Talk: How a personal locator beacon could save your life
Locating device Personal locator beacons send emergency distress signals to a satellite that the Coast Guard monitors. Personnel can determine your ...
  Wyandotte County Sheriff launches new boat, safety program
This boat was first used by the federal government in the recovery efforts ... Now the boat will also help the Sheriff's Office launch a new water safety ...
  Fairhaven to offer boat emergency safety course
FAIRHAVEN — If boaters find themselves in the midst of an emergency, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 65 wants to make sure they aren't ...
New Jersey proposal puts youth under 16 behind wheel of some power boats
And boaters between the ages of 13 and 16 who've completed a boat safety course may only operate boats powered by an electric motor or ones with ...
New Boater Safety Regulations Become Law
One new law requires anyone born in 1998 or later who is operating a boat with a motor over 10 horsepower to pass a DNR-approved boating safety ...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Boating Safety News

Courtesy vessel safety checks offered July 12
A Courtesy Vessel Safety Check event, conducted by members of the Astoria U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, takes place from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 12 ...
Marine officers arrested 8 over holiday weekend on charge of boating under the influence
Davis says DMR had beefed up patrols the previous weekend to remind boaters of safety issues and to warn about the dangers of combining alcohol ...
  South Fla. mother fights for tougher boating laws
The DMR issued 28 boating and safety violations over the holiday weekend, but no fatalites reported
BILOXI, Mississippi - The July 4th Weekend saw the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources in Biloxi issue 28 boat and water safety citations.
Boating law regulating youngsters goes into effect
Part of the bill was dedicated to mandating boating safety education for ... The bill also lowered the legal limit for a Boating Under the Influence (BUI) ...
  NAMJet Seals Unique Military Contract NAMJet's tractor jets seal the deal on a significant military boat building contract. The Army's one-of-a-kind bridge erection boats fill an obscure, .
  Coast Guard offers boater safety class As the summer boating season approaches, now is the perfect time to take a boater's safety class. US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 1-8, “Guardians of ..
  The importance of Life Jackets
The label will tell you whether the life jacket is Coast Guard approved. Coast Guard approval is shown by a stencil marking or tag on the PFD.
Boating Safety Class Offered
Charleston Sail and Power Squadron offers a boating safety class July 12, 2014. The America's Boating Course is recognized by the United States ...
  GEICO says summer boat season is underway; don't skip the safety tips WASHINGTON — With summer boating season in full swing, most boaters are anxious to get out on the open water. But that doesn't mean you skip ..
  Where Is Your Lifejacket?
“A life jacket stored somewhere on a boat will not help you if you somehow fall into the water or get knocked out of your boat. Safety is paramount ...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Boating Safety News

Tips on boating safety
SANTA ROSA COUNTY -- Many of our local water ways are full of boats this holiday weekend, but it hasn't been easy going for everyone.
Power squadron volunteer spreads boating safety word
The Vessel Safety Checks conducted by squadron volunteers through a cooperative program with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary are free of charge, ...
  Public Safety Boating safety officers want to be life preservers, not buzzkills
This weekend, the commission planned to have extra officers on duty to conduct safety checks and watch for dangerous boating activity. The sheriff's ...
Instructors help boaters, guardsmen stay prepared “A scared man with a bucket can move a lot of water,” laughed Paul Best as he stood in front of his class of 11 boating safety students. Best was .
Advice to Save Your Life
"Just make sure you have all your safety equipment as well. Life jackets, whistles, in case something happens while you're on the boat." But even ...
  Boat Driver's License? New Boating Law bill signed & effective 7.5.14 for IL
A course must now be taken and passed prior to boating operation in IL: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Signs Bill to Increase Boating Safety 7/5...
  Coast Guard recognizes life-saver
CAPE MAY – The Coast Guard presented the Silver Lifesaving Medal to Jonathan Alexander at 11 a.m. Saturday at Coast Guard Station Cape May for ...