Boating Safety Is For Life

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Boating Safety And Accident News

Today is a good reminder to boaters in the Pacific Northwest. Even though our weather has been very mild the past few weeks and people have been going fishing and sailing, we need to be careful when venturing out on the water.  The water is still very cold and the weather here can change very rapidly, like it has done today with periodic blue skies interspersed with heavy rain and high winds. 

Check the forecasts.

Keep a close eye on the sky and be prepared to run for shelter.

Wear your lifejacket and bring your foul weather gear.

Turn on your marine radio and listen to the advisories.

Check all your safety equipment.

Take along extra fuel.

Leave a float plan with family or a close friend.

Let them know when you are back.

Stay safe.

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