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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Boating Safety And Accident News

  Boater: Buoys a hazard
The man whose boat crashed into a Navy mooring buoy in Bedford Basin around midnight Sunday said unlit, unmarked buoys are a navigational hazard ...

Why Boat Accidents Occur

“Operator inattention, operator inexperience, excessive speed, improper lookout and alcohol consumption rank as the top five contributing factors to recreational boating accidents,"
From the USCG 2009 report of Recreational Boating Statistics"
Going too fast for the conditions( It was dark)  not checking a chart and relying on GPS (inexperience) are the most likely causes of this accident. I have seen numerous instances of people hitting mooring buoys. In ever occasion they were in an area that was well marked on charts, and going way too fast for the conditions.  If they had slowed and checked their charts (if they have them) and stayed out of controlled access area it would not have happened.


Middle-aged couple killed when their jet-ski collided with a dolphin ... Daily Mail
Two people were killed after their jet-ski slammed into a tour boat in Florida amid reports they were involved in a game of 'chicken' with another jet ski.
Kelso man presumed drowned in North Fork of the Lewis River The Columbian Roberts' kayak was found floating unoccupied approximately 3/4 of a mile downstream. The shoreline and waters were searched for any sign of Roberts until the 
Missing Pelican Narrows man presumed drowned Prince Albert Daily Herald
Pelican Narrows RCMP report that Ballantyne was canoeing with another man during a moose hunting trip near Wildnest Lake at the time of the incident.
  Man Drowns After Boat Capsizes on Lake Manitoba A fishing trip on Lake Manitoba Friday turned deadly after a canoe capsized near the shore of Twin Lakes Beach in St. Laurent. A 42-year-old man and his .

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