Boating Safety Is For Life

Monday, October 28, 2013

Boating Safety And Accident News

Boating Safety News:

Yacht skipper fined over collision Formby Times
A Royal Navy officer who was in charge of a racing yacht which collided with an oil tanker during Cowes Week has been ordered to pay more than £100,000 in ...
  Canoe and kayak owners asked to help coastguard Portsmouth News
LABEL your canoe or kayak to make sure it can be returned to you if it is lost or ... can use to write their contact details on and stick on their canoe or kayak.
Tappan Zee Bridge project: Forum to focus on boater safety The Journal News |
On Wednesday, two Hudson River boating groups and seven Assembly members will hold a roundtable discussion to talk about the challenge to boaters and to ...
Del. Donald Dwyer sentenced to 60 days in jail for driving, boating ... Washington Post
Maryland state Del. Donald H. Dwyer Jr. was sentenced Friday to 60 days in jail for incidents of boating and driving under the influence, court records show.
Warning to boat owners to secure vessels against storm Practical Boat Owner Magazine
Boat owners are being urged to make their vessels secure as storm-force winds are ... 'I know many boat owners are busy making their vessels secure and ...
Vermont Fish & Wildlife reminds boaters to wear flotation vests
The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is reminding Lake Champlain anglers and boaters that New York State boating laws require all persons aboard ...
What to do when your boat sinks Scott, the Mississippi State representative from District 117, is a good fisherman with a long history of saltwater boating. And since his college days, he has ..
Boating Fatalities:
Warning as nine people die in kayaks or canoes Herald Scotland
NINE people have died in canoe and kayaking incidents around the Scottish coast this ... time tracking down owners of abandoned or drifting canoes or kayaks.

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