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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Boating Safety And Accident News

Collisions:  One of the first rules of safe boating is to keep a good lookout. Another is to avoid obstructing a channel, but the main point of the navigation rules is to prevent and avoid collisions. At one time they were even called The Collision Regulations. 

Always maintain a lookout: If you are not alone assign someone to be the lookout and tell you about other vessels around you, especially on crossing courses or coming from the rear.

Maintain a safe speed: Keep the speed down when around other vessels and especially in limited visibility, at night, fog, rain. Do not speed through congested areas such as marinas, narrow channels, regattas, and docks.

Makes course changes early and obvious:  If you are approaching another vessel and need to change course to avoid them, do it early, and make it a big enough change that it is obvious to the other skipper what you are doing.

If encountering large or slow vessels that can operate only in the channel, stay away from them. Do not impede their safe passage.  And don't insists you have the right away in your sailboat over a vessel that cannot move out of the channel and would take a mile to stop. You don't have the right of way. Read the rules. Sailboats do not always have the right of way.  And Small powerboats should stay well clear of large vessels.

On Personal Watercraft keep looking around you. This is doubly important on a PWC. They are fast and quick. Things can happen very fast and collisions are the number one accident on PWCs.  So keep a 360 degree lookout a slow down around other vessels. If running together with another PWC, know where the other one is at all times.

Know the navigation rules: study them and practice them.

Ferry collides with sailboat between Orcas and Lopez landing Islands' Sounder
An 80-year-old man was injured today after a sailboat accident, according to Orcas Fire and Rescue personnel. Several eye witnesses have reported that the ...
2 hospitalized after boat, kayak collide in St. Pete Bay News 9
Florida Fish and Wildlife officials are investigation a collision Friday night between a 24-foot runabout boat and a kayak that sent two people from the kayak to ...
New Details Emerge in Fatal Boating Accident near Dillingham
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska State Troopers have gathered more information into the investigation of a Tuesday boating accident near Dillingham that ...
  Fishing boat sinks after collision near Malaysia Business Standard
A fishing vessel sank in the Strait of Malacca near Malaysia after colliding with a bigger ship, officials said. All 30 crew members were rescued. A search and ...
   Woman injured in jet ski collision at Lake Sonoma Santa Rosa Press Democrat A 27-year-old woman on a jet ski suffered head injuries Sunday at Lake Sonoma when she and another jet skier collided, emergency officials said. The crash .
   Boat Collision Seriously Injures One Driver
The crash of two boats on the main channel of Lake of the Ozarks this week, ... One of the boats was headed south across the channel, and the second boat was ...
1 missing after boat strikes barge KAIT JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – "I want to see every kid stay away from drugs and alcohol." That's the message Craighead County Deputy Jamey Carter wanted to ..
    PWC, boat collide at 3 Mile Marker; one man injured Lake Expo
LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — A Camdenton man was seriously injured when his PWC hit a boat at the 3 Mile Marker of the main channel on Saturday ...
   Girl killed, dad hurt in watercraft crash Mohave Valley News LAUGHLIN — An 11-year-old girl from California died and her father was critically injured over the weekend when a family outing on the Colorado River turned

Boat Collission at Lake Kabetogama WDIO-TV The Saint Louis County Sheriff's Department is investigating a crash between two boats on the lake. One was driven by Michael Snyder, 49 of Kabetogama, .
   Boat crash survivor: “I thought I would die” Tuoitrenews
From their hospital beds, four Vietnamese survivors recounted the horror of the collision between their fishing boat and a Singapore-flagged vessel off Ba Ria ...

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