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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Boating Safety And Accident News

Recent boating death prompts warning against 'bow-riding'Today's News-Herald
17 accident on Roosevelt Lake was the third boating fatality this year attributed ... said Kevin Bergersen, boating law administrator for the Arizona Game and Fish ...
Bow Riding:  That is, riding on the very front of the boat with your legs or feet over the edge, is extremely dangerous and illegal in all states, and under Federal Law.  If a person sitting on the bow, in a place not intended for seating, slips or falls off they are almost immediately run over by the boat.  No one has quick enough reflexes to avoid this and steer the boat away, or for the person in the water there is simply no time to get away.  Most states have actually codified the word bow-riding into their boating laws. The US Coast Guard has not but considers it negligent operation by the boat operator if they allow this activity.  All it takes is for the boat to hit a large wave or wake and the person on the bow will get tossed off the boat.  Sit only in places intended for seating.  Most new boats now have a label that shows where seating is intended. The boat operator should be very familiar with this label. Of course this does not apply to boats called bow riders that have seating in the bow.  But even this can be dangerous under the wrong conditions.  The boat operator should move anyone out of the bow seating when the water gets rough an stats taking spray over the bow, or wave action makes it dangerous to sit there. 
Sitting in some other places can also bring a fine for dangerous activity. Riding seated on  a gunwale, or on a transom is considered dangerous and can get you a fine. Stting on top of seat back can also be dangerous under some situations.   Again sit only in places intended for sitting.
Used Boat Buyers Beware: Are You Buying a Hurricane Sandy Boat
With the fall boat buying season approaching, buyers looking for a pre-owned boat can often find deals as sellers, not wanting to take on the upcoming expense ...
This happens everytime there is a natural disaster that damages a lot of boats, but particularly after hurricanes.  Unscrupulous people will clean up a boat, have it towed away to a state where the disaster did not have any affect,  and sell it to unsuspecting buyers.  Inspect a boat, especially if it seems like a bargain.  There is almost always a reason why it is so cheap.   The same thing happens with cars that were damaged in storms or floods.  Buyer beware.  On boats much larger than 20 feet, hire a marine surveyor to go over the boat.   You should do this for any boat you are thinking of buying anyway but in this case it may well save you a lot of money and heartache. 
 Boating Safety Reminders for Labor Day
Make sure you have all the boating necessities to have a safe day. ... Because safety is priority for all of us, here are some boating tips for those heading out on ..
Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.

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