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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Boating Safety And Accident News

 To quote the famous diet and fitness guru Susan Powter, "it's time to stop the insanity".  Going fishing at night off shore in a 12 foot boat is just plain nuts,  but not wearing life jackets while doing so  is insane.  These two were very lucky.  They should buy a lotto ticket.  It is not unusual for people to use a cooler as a flotation device and I have seen many boating accidents where the cooler saved someone. The cooler saved them from drowning and a person spotted them and immediately called for help.  But a cooler is no substitute for a life jacket.  Life Jackets are next to worthless if you don't wear them.  Most boating accidents happen so fast that there is simply not enough time to put them on. Wear them!  There is nothing wimpy or un-macho about wearing a life jacket. Even John Wayne wore his life jacket.  (See the movie "In Harm's Way".)   I have three small boats,  a 7 foot sailing dink, a 12 foot row boat and an 18 foot Sea Ray I/O.  I wear my life jacket no matter which boat I am on.  Use common sense. Don't go offshore even on a calm day in a 12 foot boat, and put your lifejacket on where (wear)  it will do some good.

Brothers Rely on Cooler to Survive Boat Capsizing
ABC News (blog)
A pair of Florida boaters are alive today after clinging to parts of a cooler for nearly seven hours when their fishing boat capsized off the coast of Miami. George Verdecia, 29, and his older brother, who was not named, left for a fishing trip late ...
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