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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Boating Safety News

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 54 is working with the Perry J. Cohen Foundation to make sure boaters are educated before they go out in the .

"I don't recommend mixing boating and alcohol." The Coast Guard patrols the waters of northeast Wisconsin daily to make sure everybody stays safe, ...
  According to information from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, anyone aged 12 to 17 must have boating safety education in order to ..
After her children jumped off the boat in lifejackets, as she said they often ... She says it really speaks to boating safety and hopes others can learn a ...
  The Lenawee County Sheriff's Department will offer a free boater safety class from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, June 25, at the Lenawee County Sheriff's
  EMS said the child, a 9-year-old boy, was hit and injured by a boat propeller near ... Did your child climb up to the bow of the boat and you're about to be ... limits on alcohol consumption and mandatory safety requirements that have .
WATCH ABOVE: A Nackawic woman is crediting safe boating practices with saving her family's lives, after their pontoon boat exploded. Global's ...
  On the WRC's website, North Carolina boating safety coordinator Maj. Chris Huebner is quoted cautioning boaters on the risks of being active on the 

Already this year, serious impairment-related boating accidents and ... The Marine Board urges boaters to boat safe, and boat sober --by refraining ...
Anyone caught driving a boat intoxicated faces even more penalties. ... of 12 and 17 must possess a boater safety certificate to get behind the wheel.
To that end, certified vessel examiners of the Patuxent River Sail and Power Squadron are available to provide free vessel safety checks, ..
10 Boat Safety Tips From Sea Tow. By BD Staff -. Jun 22, 2016. Some say a boat is like a woman, but I'm sure they are only referring to the many ...
The foundation is paying for a safe-boating class Saturday.. It is a PowerPoint class from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Harvey Oyer Park on Federal Highway.
"Overall, recreational boating is very safe if boaters wear their life jackets, boat sober, and keep a sharp lookout by watching where they are going and ...
With the fourth of July coming up, the South Dakota game, fish and parks is joining a national campaign to re-emphasize safety while boating.

Boating Safety News

Minnesota mandates CO detection

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The carbon monoxide poisoning death of a 7-year-old girl last October led to the passage of a law that will require CO detectors on some boats in Minnesota.
The carbon monoxide poisoning death of a 7-year-old girl last October led to the passage of a law that will require CO detectors on some boats in Minnesota.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Boating Safety News

Since Sunday, the Coast Guard and local search crews have responded to three incidents on the water after trips on Long Island Sound didn't go as ...
Sanilac County, with its 37 miles of Lake Huron shoreline and two major harbors at Port Sanilac and Lexington, is a boater's paradise. It's an area ...
The Georgia DNR will host "Boating under the influence" June 19 to June 25 to encourage boating safety before the Fourth of July weekend.
The batteries for a performance boat undergo more punishment than those used aboard many other craft. The high speeds and often-rough water ...
NORWICH-City police want to remind residents of the state's fishing regulations and boat safety guidelines before heading out in the water this ...
  The Town of Oakville's Water Air Rescue Force (TOWARF) reminds residents of the importance of boating safety after pulling a deceased fisherman .
Boating safety and statistics. The U.S. Coast Guard has released its 2015 Recreational Boating Statistics report, the latest year for which nationwide ...
He drove the boat between two hazard buoys at about 30 miles per hour ... Lake, Buena Vista County and Brunswick Corp., the boat manufacturer.
This is also the number one tip from Transport Canada's Safe Boating Guide, which states: "Remember that the best protection you can give yourself ..
Last Sunday (June 12th) I spent three hours on our dock located across from the public boat launch at Swantown Marina assisting with a learn to ...

Friday, June 17, 2016

Boating Safety News

Cold Water Shock infographicIf you're able to catch your breath — which is difficult enough to do — the second phase of cold water shock is cold incapacitation — which causes your muscles to eventually stop working.
 "In 50-degree water, you might have as little as ten to 15 minutes of manual dexterity, where you should try to get back on your boat or signal for help in some way. If the water is cold, it's only a matter of time before you lose control of your arms and legs," Newman said.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Boating Safety News

To reach paddle sports newcomers, however, WSF created a new strategy imploring paddle sports boat manufacturers to help with safety message ..

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Promoting the use of lifejackets and PFDs - South Simcoe Police Sgt. Lew Da Silva, and Jr. Police Chiefs Sharunyaa Rajakulenthiran and Arianna ..

Which is why the Gig Harbor Police Department is ready with its SAFE Boat to ... “Our primary goal out there is recreational boating safety,” Busey said.
And because of all the opportunities for people to get out on the water, local experts have said people need to be aware of boating and safety laws, ...
With the nation's third-highest registered boat total (behind Florida and ... “We also recommend a boating safety course for anyone who plans on ..
  The next, they were sprawling on the boat's deck or slammed into the ... Boating safety officials recommend boaters be particularly careful over coming ..
  PRESTON — A water rescue on the Root River near Whalan in the dark Saturday was a perfect way for Fillmore County Sheriff Tom Kaase to ask the ..
He said slow/no wake rules are important from a safety standpoint, but also because excessive wakes can cause damage to property and a boat ...
Southlanders need to fix bad water safety habits - Rob Hewitt ... on Friday to teach water and boat safety skills to students from Aurora College.
For nearly two decades the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has provided a Florida Boater Education ID test that can be taken ...
  A CUMBRIAN boat inspected by the RNLI only had three fully functioning life jackets, out of the 32 supplied on board. Owners of the boat, who the ..

Daily Mail
The Boat Safety Scheme set up by the Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency has issued repeated warnings about the danger of carbon ...
U.S. Coast Guard Station Brunswick Commander Rudy Radakovich recommends boaters carry a device such as this personal locator beacon that ...
  "Due to culture and way of life, they spend more time on the water and in boats…that is their way of life," said Mariea Dredge, Red Cross boating safety
Annapolis Yacht Club will host the Junior Safety at Sea Seminar at its junior clubhouse. All participants will receive a U.S. Sailing Certificate.
The man was arrested for investigation of boating under the influence. Multiple safety violations were found aboard the boat as well, said Coast Guard ...

You should have the correct paddles or oars to control your boat," Donovan said. And wearing a life vest isn't enough to keep you safe. You have to ..

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Boating Safety News

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WJZY) - Boaters are taking extra safety precautions this weekend after a boat exploded on Lake Norman and put two people in ..

None of them wore a life jacket confirming a culture of weak safety practices that have become the bane of boat tragedies on the Volta Lake

North Dakota boaters also are reminded that marine VHF radios are an important part of boat safety that should not be improperly used by operators.
  Kid's Don't Float is a statewide drowning prevention program developed to address Wisconsin's leading cause of boat-related deaths. Free life jackets ..
EDGEWATER, Md. (WBFF) --Three people died in two boating accidents over the weekend in Maryland. Joseph Rossi of Edgewater died Saturday on ...
The injury prevention group Parachute is calling for a national drowning safety ... Wearing a life jacket while in a boat should become law, Fuselli said.
There will be no supervised parks program activities at Meidinger, Nickeus, McElroy or Leapaldt parks Thursday morning due to the boat safety class.
“We started off on Saturday with some water safety games, we are going to have some boat safety presentations, life-jacket awareness safety and ...
After two boating accidents over the weekend at Lake Tapps, Bonney Lake Police are reminding people about safety on the water. With the nice ...

Our waterways attract thousands of fishermen and boaters every summer, and so for this year it's already been a busy time for boat rescues. If you are ...